"... Countries can go crazy just like people.  It was clinically deranged of the American people to elect a man with absolutely no qualifications or experience whatever, and who they knew attended a church for 20 years listening to a preacher praying for God to damn America.
Yet they did it anyway.  A majority of American voters placed their livelihoods and security in the hands of this man - so now a tsunami of economic and national security destruction is bearing down upon us.
...Yes, Americans created [the economic tsunami], now they are standing there watching it bear down upon them - and instead of running for their lives, they angrily pretend it doesn't exist.  Anyone who warns them or tries to stop it gets riots and death threats like in Wisconsin.  The only rational, sane Americans left are the Tea Party people - and there may not be enough of them to stop this tsunami of insanity.
... The scope and depth of damage Obama and the Democrats have perpetrated upon our country in just two years is catastrophic.  It's clear now what their game plan is.  The hyperinflation scenario described by ShadowStats is what they want - the total destruction of all wealth in America (except for their cronies), enabling them to establish a full-on fascist control of our lives.
....it's time to look for property in rural Nevada....., or get out of the tsunami's way altogether by leaving the U.S. " *