Friday, February 18, 2011

RedState Briefing 02/18/2011

RedState Morning Briefing
For February 18, 2011


Obama/Media Fuel Wisconsin “Statist Uprising”

President Obama is calling it an “assault on unions.” ABC embraced a “Mutiny In America” and said “Cairo moved to Madison.” And NBC’s Brian Williams proclaimed that citizens are “rising up and saying no to some of the most extreme cuts in the nation.” All this in response to an effort by the Wisconsin governor to bridge a $3 billion budget shortfall by proposing modest cuts in healthcare and pension benefits to state employees.

“This is a statist uprising that is being fueled by leftist politicians and the leftist media,” says Grassfire Nation’s Steve Elliott. “Wisconsin’s governor is proposing that state union workers should pay a little more of their health benefits (from 6% to 12%) and media calls this America’s Cairo moment? This is outrageous.”

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DNC Caught Organizing in Wisconsin:

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Go to FOX News and vote in the poll as you tell America your thoughts on the Wisconsin Bill.


Administration asks judge to tell the states that healthcare law isn't optional

By Jason Millman - 02/17/11 06:36 PM ET
The Obama administration is asking a federal judge who struck down the healthcare reform law to clarify that states must still implement the overhaul as the appeals process plays out.
Some states are saying the Jan. 31 ruling relieves them from implementing the sweeping reform law because the federal judge in Florida found it to be unconstitutional.

The Obama administration, in a Thursday evening filing in a Northern Florida federal court, is asking the court to clarify that the 26 states who successfully challenged the law are still required to comply with it.
U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson ruled that the law's requirement for individuals to purchase insurance is unconstitutional, and therefore, the rest of the law is unconstitutional because the provision is too central to making the law function. The administration points out that the so-called individual mandate does not go into effect until 2014, while other parts of the law have already gone into effect.


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Obama budget plan shows interest owed on national debt quadrupling in next decade
Read my lips: THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN. The government will collapse in fiscal ruin first. ~Bob. Excerpt: Interest payments on the national debt will quadruple in the next decade and every man, woman and child in the United States will be paying more than $2,500 a year to cover for the nation's past profligacy, according to figures in President Obama's new budget plan. Starting in 2014, net interest payments will surpass the amount spent on education, transportation, energy and all other discretionary programs outside defense. In 2018, they will outstrip Medicare spending. Only the amounts spent on defense and Social Security would remain bigger under the president's plan.